Our Onsite Lab
We have a state of the art lab onsite allowing us to get immediate results.

In House Laboratory

HGAE maintains a full in-house laboratory to provide immediate results for a complete diagnosis and optimum treatment plan. Our CBC Machine can evaluate red and white blood cells in whole blood, joint fluid, and abdominal fluid. The in-house chemistry analyzer is capable of testing multiple organ function and electrolytes.

Our reproductive department provides in-house progesterone, uterine culture, and cytology. Our laboratory service is open to ambulatory practices. Plus, we have on-site processing capabilities for IRAP and PRP.

To contact our laboratory please email labservices@hgae.com.

Idexx ProCyte Dx – CBC Analyzer

Abaxis VS Pro- Quantitative Fibrinogen Analyzer

Stable Lab Serum Anyloid A (SAA) Analyzer

Stall side Istat – Chemistry Analyzer

Fluxergy Analyzer

Idexx Catalyst One – Chemistry Analyzer

We also have a full equine pharmacy helping with the care of our patients.