Imaging and Diagnostics

We use state of the art equipment to provide the best equine care possible.

Even though much of our equipment is on site, we can provide diagnostic readings offsite as well.

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology (DR) provides exceptional quality of images, which can be viewed immediately. Radiographic imaging can be scheduled for appointments in the field, including pre-purchase examinations and lameness evaluations. At the hospital, our overhead unit is well utilized for colic work-ups and medicine cases involving the abdomen and thorax.


Ultrasound is available for the diagnosis of soft tissue injuries, abdominal and thoracic examinations, and imaging of smaller structures including the eye and umbilicus.


Both a 1-meter and 3.5-meter endoscope is available for imaging of the equine upper airway, guttural pouches, stomach, and urinary tract. Video capabilities allow clients to see the images as the clinicians see them, as they are taken.